Wednesday, December 29, 2010

McKoys big day, his FIRST Birthday!!

Party at grandma Jans

Handsome little guy!

Baby Contest!!!

McKoy took FIRST place in his age division, in the baby contest (Salem Days). Thats my boy!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

More Pictures from McKoys blessing

McKoys Blessing!!

It was an awesome day for all of us McKoy was about to throw a fit right before he got blessed but i gave him a little bit of his milk and he knocked out haha perfect timing my dad did a great job blessing him!!! Then we had a luncheon with everyone down at the High Chaparell it was alot of fun all of us getting together celebrating McKoy!! Would'nt have wanted it any other way.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To big for his own briches!!!

Briggy was lovin playing with the two sweeties. And McKoy was loving the chair but i'm thinkin Bree was wanting it back. She was coming for it!! Sharing already a problem ha watch out McKoy little Bree is coming in!!

Fat Cats

We love fat cats, its so fun. We had a great time (also i got new bangs that day :) gives my hair a little style haha)


I could kiss him every second if i could (ask Brantley) he likes too give me crap for it hahaha but it only last for so long. Even though he is the exact same way he is kissin McKoy all the time hehe we love are little angle.


He has the cuttiest little faces!!! He is lovin his seat though. . . Such a big boy

Saturday, March 6, 2010

More Mosquite Pictures

McKoy loves to kick his legs with those little shoes on his feet!! And check him out his first time palming a ball haha go McKoy!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

One of our Mosquite Trips

We had another fun trip. We took McKoy outside for his first time for a long time. He loved it had a hard time opening his eyes at first but then he was loving it. We just went to a park in St. George. It was alot of fun!!!

I got the most gorgeous roses and flowers from Brant for V-Day I Love them!!!

He He loves his hand , along with his binki. Also loves playing under is playing mat


Now thats what you call one relaxed little guy!!!
What can i say he loves his mommy!!!! He has the sweetest smile and is always smiling. You just looking at him puts a big smile on his face.. He is so happy its fun.. He now giggles and rolls over. He is growing way to fast :( but its fun and i love it at the same time!!! Always exciting to see what he will do tomorrow. Love you McKoy


Bree is so funny when her and McKoy is laying by each other she is always so interested in him. Trying to always figure out what he is doing. And he just lays there looking around. Its funny.

Our Wedding!!!!